What Key Points Should Be Followed To Excel In UX Design?

What is UX? User experience defines how a user feels when interacting with the system. The system might be a mobile app, website, or desktop app. Before we get down to more details about UX, the most important thing to be learned is that UI & UX are two entirely different concepts.

UI is an acronym for the user interface. UI works with how an application or a website appears. The user interface covers the look and appearance of the application, including icons, phones, images, and colors used. It is completely about the interface and visual design.

However, UX deals with how easily a user can access the app and how efficiently the app will serve to satisfy the user’s requirements.

Ultimately, UX is related to UI as it must be designed with UX principles. The person studying and evaluating this is a user experience designer.

UX design is something that everyone can do, but not anyone can do it well. Keep two things in mind before you start, first, know your user, and second, you are not the user. Before you begin designing, you must acknowledge your user base. It’s essential since you must know your targeted users, tendencies, and habits to create a good experience when working with a UI UX designing company.

There are situations, where a user experience might come out to be good enough for one user but not stand up to the satisfaction of other users. Moreover, some might find the access of a website pretty easy to use but others might get stuck at some point. However, human nature is inconsistent and not everyone can be satisfied altogether. But while planning & evaluating UX for an app development service, we must target the particular group or community who needs us the most, and keep their needs & demands in mind.

Designing starts by noting down the requirements. It can be business requirements that your company puts forth. Design requirements include a specific design to be used, technology, needs, dealing with the programming language and platform you will be using, and user requirements. Good UX UI design agencies analyze the user base regarding the following questions in mind

  • Who will be your user base?
  • Does your user base demand any special requirements?
  • Is a particular problem to be solved?
  • Which mental models of a user are to be considered?
  • How is your product different from others?
  • When will a user utilize your product?
  • How will a user function your product?
  • Are there any accessibility concerns to be taken care of?

Once you collect all this information, analyze the functions of your product carefully. Also, consider what immediate action the user needs to perform as it is the main task that your product will perform. Your product might have various functions, so analyzing its major role and designing the product accordingly for an efficient user base will add to its great UX design.

In addition, consider if there are multiple methods to perform a single task, any help you need to provide the user, errors that might occur, and any inconsistent state the user might face. Next, you get to meet the technical terms for figuring out your course of action to handle the functions you determine will happen. Imagine your user is the laziest person on this planet and automates most tasks for providing minimum user interaction.