Kids Might Be Scared Of Pre-Nursey – Here’s How To Help

Starting pre-nursery might be a bit scary for kids since it is their first time being separated from their parents and the familiar environment of their home– but with pre nursery admissions hong kong right around the corner, you should do your best to help your children get over their fears, here is how you can do that:

Recognize Their Feelings

The first approach to dealing with your child’s fear of nursery is to let them be understood. It is also possible that students manifest their anxiety in one way or another, which would include crying, clinging to parents and others, or a desire to stay at home. Their feelings should be heard and acknowledged, and they should be supported instead of discouraged.

Preparing for Nursery

Gradual Introduction

Gradually acclimatize your child to the nursery environment they will spend most of their time in when you are at work. If feasible, it is encouraged that the child and the other care giver visit the nursery before they start daycare. Let them roam around, introduce them to a few teachers for them to develop familiarity with the school and lastly let them watch other children. These anxieties can be minimized as they learn to familiarize themselves with their surroundings.


Take part in dramatic play to familiarize your child with the situation at the nursery as much as possible. Some techniques used include role plays that may involve taking their leave in the morning, interacting with children/peers, and engaging in other activities. This means that being in the nursery will not feel so severe to the individual.

During the Nursery Transition

Create a Goodbye Ritual

The best way to have a personalized yet speedy goodbye is to create a small signal that the two parties will understand is more than simply a departure. It could be an embrace, a clap or even a kiss or any other jaw-breaking, heart-throbbing, suspense-propitiating line that the two of you are always seen to perform. It also helps establish ritual and routine, which can bring solace to your son/ daughter, helping them deal with your absence more easily.

Stay Calm and Positive

It is a common practice among many generations where children tend to monitor and even duplicate their parents’ emotions. This anxiety is evident in instances where parents are overly anxious or agitated during drop-off and, as a result, the child emulates the situation. Remain friendly, assure them you will return to take them and avoid agitated mannerisms. The level of confidence that you have can be very influential to the security of the child.


With these steps, along with your love and support, you can ensure that your kids easily get used to their new environment. This will make the transition much easier to bear, as they can go to school feeling more comfortable and confident; until then, stay safe and ensure your kids get the love and education they deserve!