Why Consider Installing Smart Lighting in the Philippines?

Switching from incandescent and fluorescent lights to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) improves people’s lives with high illumination, durability, and sustainability. However, you can switch it up by finding and purchasing from a trusted smart LED lighting supplier in the Philippines.

Finding a supplier and upgrading to a smart lighting system allows you to enjoy all the benefits of technological advancements in the lighting industry. Here’s how:

What is Smart Lighting?

By integrating lighting systems with the advanced technology of the internet, Bluetooth, and other software, lighting suppliers produce smart LED light bulbs. These lights allow you to automate, program, and remotely control your lighting systems for an improved overall experience and significantly better quality-of-life features.

Advantages of Installing Smart Lighting

  • Centralized and Convenient System

There are several ways that a smart lighting system can be convenient for you. Here are some of them:

  • Mobile App Binding– By connecting your mobile phones and other smart devices, smart lights offer access to your home’s lighting wherever you are. Moreover, you can turn on and off lights simultaneously, and some bulbs allow you to alter their brightness, temperature, and hue.
  • Voice and Sound Recognition- Some smart light bulbs can recognize certain sounds like snaps or claps and follow specific voice commands you can set for related actions.
  • Geofencing- Geofencing technology can integrate into your smart lighting system, which turns light on or off when you get home or leave the house.
  • Added Security

With several revolutionary features and variations, some smart bulbs serve as emergency light in the Philippines. Here are some that can ensure safety and safety in your home:

  • Light Scheduling- Some people leave the lights on all night to trick intruders into thinking somebody is home. However, according to the National Public Radio (NPR), doing this can do the opposite and attract the attention of thieves and burglars. With smart bulbs, you can schedule your lighting to mimic your daily routine or set it randomly to let potential observers think that somebody’s home.
  • Movement Detection- Motion sensor features of smart lighting systems can deter and scare off anyone trying to sneak into your house.
  • Energy-Efficient

According to data from the United States (US) Department of Energy (DOE), LED lights consume energy for at least 75% lessthan incandescent lighting.

Combining the energy-saving characteristics of LEDs with smart features like automatically turning off when not in use can help you significantly reduce your electricity consumption.

  • High Levels of Personalization and Customization

Get a smart bulb from your lighting provider to easily customize brightness and hue to set the mood depending on the situation.

Go for warmer and dimmer lights for a cozier atmosphere, or sync light with music for an instant house party. You can also sync your smart LED lights with television monitors, enhancing your viewing experience by mimicking the colors around the edge of the screen.

Where to Get Smart Lighting Systems?

Experience the advanced technology of smart lighting systems and contact an excellent lighting supplier like Lightforce Corporation. With affordable, innovative, and aesthetic products and services, you can rely on their lightning professionals’ expertise.

Find out how to choose the best LED light for your home in this content, and learn more by contacting Lightforce today!