Use Of Pellets In The World

Pallets have already become an important energy resource in the world, especially in Europe, as it is a continent that uses a lot of heating. This article from the 2011 G1 already showed the growth in the use of pallets in Germany, for example.

The pellet has been successful precisely because it is a less polluting alternative than oil, oil products, and coal. This makes several countries use wood pallets to comply with environmental agreements. In any case, it is important to say that nobody has to choose between ecology and economics. There is no dilemma.

No wonder we have the motto: “Why pay more for energy if you can save money and still be sustainable?” For us, it is very rewarding to work with a product that meets so many requirements: sustainable, economical, practical, and highly efficient. For these and other reasons, pallets are being used more and more, as explained below.

What Is Wood Pellet Used For?

Wood pallets have two main areas of application, the first of which has many different possibilities for use. See below.

energy and heating

  • Currently, the use of wood pallets as fuel is very popular when the objective is heating through:
  • boilers
  • residential pellet fireplaces
  • ceramic ovens
  • bakery ovens
  • greenhouses
  • among several others

Residential Pellet Fireplace

The use of residential pellet fireplaces is growing more and more

Which Segments Use Wood Pallets For Heating?

In the last few years, pallets like pallets in Portsmouth for example have spread rapidly, and pellet boilers are becoming popular at an ever-increasing rate. Pellet combustion boilers can be used for professional use, in the most varied segments, and for residential use. Below we list some examples of using pellet heating:

  • hotels
  • Gyms
  • Industries
  • Business
  • bakeries
  • pizzerias
  • condos
  • Houses
  • Thermoelectric companies for the production of electricity
  • potteries
  • among so many others


Yes, the pellet is also used as a pet care item in the pet area. It is used in the “bathroom” of cats and in environments where rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds, among other animals, are raised. In this segment, we normally refer to the product as wood pallets. The granulate undergoes a manufacturing process similar to the pellet destined for burning. The difference is that the product for pets undergoes an even stricter selection. He needs to have a perfect finish; after all, he can’t cause any discomfort to animals.