Movie Memorabilia:The Many Items Collected Around the World

Movie Memorabilia

Some viewers wanted to touch and feel the objects used in their favorite films.

Movie enthusiasts collected mementos. Posters, lobby cards, production stills, and signatures started collecting. only the Filmmakers and their families were able to get screenplays and props.

Movie companies did not appreciate a niche activity. They thought out-of-production movie props, posters, and other promotional things wasted backlot, warehouse, or office space. Many props were destroyed or repurposed but as time went by  Movie Memorabilia started to become famous and expensive and grew in popularity. Get more information about movie props auction


The term “collecting movie posters” may appear self-explanatory, however, it is important to note that “movie posters” encompasses all forms of movie art utilized by studios to advertise a film. Not all items are deemed original or valuable by dedicated collectors.

Similar to any collectible item, there are multiple considerations to bear in mind when ascertaining genuineness, worth, and collectability. Typically, the latter is determined by the interplay between supply and demand.

The market for posters has its origins in the 1870s, when Jules Cheret, a French artist, developed a method of printing that enabled the creation of photos with vivid colors and intricate textures.

The question of whether or not something is collectible is an issue of preference that depends on a person’s tastes and interests.


Lobby cards were traditionally displayed in the lobby of cinema halls, hence their nomenclature. They were intended to be viewed and appreciated at close proximity, with the ultimate objective of enticing viewers to purchase tickets for the movie they were promoting.

The initial lobby cards emerged during the first decade of the 1900s and primarily comprised enhanced monochromatic photographs. The cards that were used were printed on paper that resembles card stock.

The collection of lobby cards by movie enthusiasts has been a popular practice since their inception, owing to their inherent appeal. The cards are conveniently storable and can be elegantly framed. Additionally, there are aesthetically pleasing options available that effectively stimulate one’s creativity. To be candid, showcasing a few collections of framed lobby cards on a well-illuminated wall is quite a spectacle.


The practice of collecting autographs has a longer history than commonly perceived. Since movies began, fans have collected autographs. Actors and directors signed a lot of promotional stills, posters, and screenplays. Authenticating signatures is very difficult. Many merchants sell fake signatures at high prices. Autographs were sometimes signed by those close to the subject.Occasionally, autographs were executed by individuals in close proximity to the individual whom they purport to represent.


Movie enthusiasts tend to collect action figures of their favorite films.

The Star Wars franchise was the highest selling action figure line. The 1979 Rocket Firing Boba Fett prototype was sold for $150,000 by Hake’s auction in 2019.


Film props are either purchased or fabricated for use during production. Since the inception of movies, enthusiasts have been amassing collectibles such as props. There were limited early props available. In order to obtain movie industry props or equipment, one would require established contacts within the industry or access to studio warehouses.

In recent years, several auction websites have surfaced, providing access to original movie props at reasonable prices.


Collecting Funko Pops is new. In 11 years, collectors worldwide became obsessed with them. Many of the almost 9000 figurines produced are movie characters. Pennywise, The Joker, Iron Man, Godzilla, Michael Myers, etc.