Make realistic naked photos with the Nudify 

When you immerse yourself in the topic of neurons, the thought involuntarily comes to mind – how much progress has come? The AI can do incredible things, like removing clothes from people in photos. The advantage is that you don’t need to be some kind of programmer. It is enough to upload an image to the Nudify app and wait a minute for the result. 

Basics of the deepnude AI 

We see the growing popularity of neural networks and AI every day. In any media, almost every week, we see a new article about what a new neural network has done and how it will change our lives. But do neural networks have such enormous capabilities? Their use is not limited to just selecting a faster route in the navigator, and they can write their songs, create paintings, and even generate undressed photos. In this case, AI is the ability of computer systems to perform intellectual and creative functions traditionally considered human.

Today, for artificial intelligence to create an undress photo of Scarlett Johansson, you just need to enter a text query. The neural network analyzes it, understanding what objects it needs to depict, looks at various images from the Internet, and then connects them in a non-obvious way, drawing its unique image based on what it has learned. According to, the neural network only analyzes the source data and tries to get something based on it through an unusual connection.

How does the Nudify work? 

Nudify is a program for editing photos of women. Using a neural network, the service removes the clothes and draws parts of the naked body instead. During the development of this application, the creators uploaded into the database more than 10 thousand photographs of women who were experimented with undressing. To get a nude photo, you just need to upload an image, and the program will independently select the desired final version based on your body type and body type.