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About Hazy Inc.Ā 

Hazy, a cannabis agency, was founded by Audrey Roy, in 2019. The firm is situated in Los Angeles and offers a number of cannabis-related services such as marketing, branding, and events. Roy established Hazy in response to the increasing demand for cannabis goods and services. She saw a need for a firm to assist cannabis businessesĀ in reaching their target audiences and growing their enterprises. Roy has worked with her two business partners to grow the firm into a market-moving force in the sector over the last four years. Hazy, which is based in Los Angeles and travels to areas such as Nevada and New York, specializesĀ in and arranges its own experientialĀ events. Audrey has created contacts with practically every large and craft cannabis firm in California as the director of partnerships, and she has worked to self-fund Hazy via client work and events. In Adweek’s 2021 Young Influentials, Hazy was the only cannabis firm selected. Hazy is dedicated to offering the finest services available to its customers. The organization employs an experienced team of specialists that are enthusiastic about the cannabis industry.

The Company’s Mission.

As previously said, Hazy is a cannabis agency and manufacturer focused on supplying its consumers with the greatest quality delta-8 gummies and other items. The missionĀ of the companyĀ is to help people live better lives by harnessing the power of cannabis. Hazy is enthusiastic about innovation and is always searching for new ways to enhance its goods and services and give the best possible customer experience to its consumers.

AboutĀ Hazy’s Products.

The company’s products are designed to be high-quality, innovative, and accessible to everyone.

Some of the company’s products include:

  • Concentrates are among the products offered by Hazy. Hazy offers a wide variety ofĀ concentratesĀ includingĀ shatter, wax, and liveĀ resin. These products are manufactured from high-quality cannabis flower that has been extracted in a number of ways.
  • Hazy deals inĀ ediblesĀ such asĀ cookies, gummies,Ā and brownies. These items are available in a range of flavors and potencies. The delta-8 gummies, which are available at 2nd Wife Vape in a range of flavors like strawberry, rainbow mystery, berry grape, and so on, are one of the most popular Hazyā€™s edibles.
  • As 2nd Wife Vape, we also haveĀ Hazy’s cartridges in our assortment. Hazy Cartridges are manufactured by Extrax, the top delta 8 and THC firm. The weight of the cart is 2 grams. Enjoy delicious flavors and a proprietary blend of HXY-11 THC, Delta 10, THCB + PHC. The carts operate with 510 batteriesĀ and come in a variety of flavorsĀ such as orange kush, sour grape, lime sorbet, and others.

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