Exploring the Add-Ons: Must-Have Riders for Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy in India!

Insurance and car go hand-in-hand. Car insurance is a legal obligation in India as well as a necessity. At least a third-party car insurance policy is required because this protects any third-party liability in case of an accident. 

Your four-wheeler insurance also gives you financial protection in case of accidents, damage, theft, loss, disaster, etc. You can check the claim of your car online too nowadays; for e.g. car policyholders at TATA can visit the TATA AIG car insurance claim website and check for themselves. 

You can also find reliable car insurance companies through online car insurance hunting. These companies provide various additional benefits at a cheaper rate for you. These additional services can add to your premium but are also extremely important for the safety and security of your car. These are called car insurance add-ons. 

Let us first understand what these add-ons are and what they signify!

What are Riders or Add-ons?

When you buy car insurance, most of the time, you will find yourself worrying about smaller things. The things that probably won’t be covered in your coverage claim. 

Those things can be fixed and financially protected, too. That is possible with the help of the additional services the insurance company provides. These services are called add-ons or riders on car insurance.

The add-on covers in car insurance are supplementary coverages that are attached to your comprehensive policy to provide additional protection that is beyond your regular coverage. These riders add to the insurance premium, but their benefits outweigh the cost. 

You can use these riders to customise your policy according to your own convenience and tailor it for your car. 

5 Must-Have Riders And Add-Ons In Car Insurance

Engine Protection Cover

Because the engine of your car makes for the most vital and expensive component of your car, this cover becomes one of the most critical riders in this list of must-have add-ons. Repairs or replacements can be heavy on your pocket, especially if the car is damaged for some reason. 

This cover provides a claim for the protection, repair, or replacement of the engine of your car. All the engine-related damage comes under this cover. This also ensures that your car remains a good and maintained condition.

Zero Depreciation Cover

With time and the wear and tear of your car, and also in the unfortunate event of an accident, your car depreciates. This will lead to you paying a significant amount out of your pocket to cover the depreciation cost. 

But with zero depreciation cover, you get to save that amount. The insurer will pay for the entire repair cost or provide a replacement without accounting for depreciation. This is extremely beneficial for new cars because they have expensive parts.

Roadside Assistance Cover

When your car stops in the middle of the road, and you have nowhere to go? Don’t worry! This rider will get you out of this situation in no time. With roadtime assistance cover, you receive professional help in such desperate times. 

When stranded in a remote region or highway with no help, the insurance company provides service through various features available under the roadside assistance cover in your comprehensive car policy. This makes it a must-have rider for sure!

Personal Accident or Loss Cover

It would be sad if your car got financial support, but you didn’t. It is crucial that you look into personal protection while securing your car, as well. A personal accident or loss of personal belongings can be overwhelming. 

This cover will provide you with financial help with your medical bills. This rider will also compensate for the loss of your personal belongings by paying for it. (In case of theft) This add-on offers you peace of mind more than any other benefit. 

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection

No-claim bonus is a reward that the policyholder receives when no claim is raised until the policy tenure ends. It rewards the insured for not raising a claim by offering a discount on the premium during the car insurance renewal. It is an excellent rider choice, especially when you have a safe driving history and want to maintain your no-claim status for your benefit.


A comprehensive car insurance policy is necessary to protect your car and yourself from any potential financial burdens caused due to accidents, loss, damage, theft, etc. Car insurance is essential, but to maximise its significance, you must consider various car insurance riders.  

You must assess your necessities and requirements before adding these riders to your coverage. Considering various factors like driving skills, mileage, speed, usage, etc., you can decide on which rider to use and which one to avoid. 

Knowing about the best riders and understanding them is essential so that it helps you with making informed decisions in the future.