Easy Teleprompter Tips for Great Speeches

Giving speeches is something many people do, especially if they are in essential jobs. Sometimes, they use a tool called a NYC teleprompter. A teleprompter shows words on a screen so the speaker can read while watching the audience or camera.

Teleprompters are very helpful. But, if you don’t use them right, you might look like a robot while reading. Good speaking needs more than just reading. Your voice should have highs and lows, and your body should move in a way that shows what you mean.

Before you start practicing, learn about the teleprompter. Know how to change the speed of the words, how big the words are, and more. Practice your speech where you will be speaking. This way, you will be comfortable on the day you speak.

There are some mistakes people make when using a teleprompter:

  1. Thinking the Prompter is Everything

You must know your speech well. Sometimes, teleprompters can stop working. If you only read without knowing your speech, people will notice. Also, if you read like a robot, people will not enjoy your speech.

  1. Just Reading

Your voice should be lively. A boring voice can make people lose interest. Change your voice’s pitch, and take short breaks between sentences.

  1. Talking Too Fast

Don’t rush! If you talk too fast, people might not understand you. Speak like you’re having a chat with someone.

  1. Only Looking at the Prompter

It’s easy to keep looking at the screen. But, if there are people in front of you, look at them too! Make sure to use your face and hands to help tell your story. But look around slowly, or it might confuse your audience.

  1. Looking Too Tense

Sometimes, people get nervous, and their face looks tight. Relax your face, neck, and shoulders. Find ways to relax before you start speaking.

  1. Saying Words Wrong

Everybody can say a word wrong sometimes. To help, you can write the word in a way that’s easy to say. Bold the characters you want to emphasize, indicating that bold parts are where you put stress.

  1. Not Being Ready for Surprises

Even if you practice a lot, mistakes can happen. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and keep going. Some famous people had problems with their teleprompters but did great anyway. Other people, though, had encountered problems and could have done better with the situation. If you practice, you will do great regardless of the circumstances!


In the end, practice is the secret. If you want to give a great speech using a teleprompter, practice a lot. You can even record yourself and watch to see what you can do better. Ask friends to watch and tell you how you did.

Using a teleprompter can be easy if you remember these tips. Always practice, be yourself, and speak like you’re chatting with a friend. This will make sure your speech is the best it can be!