7 Expert advices to get rid of bats from your property

Most people often complain of bats flying around their property. Although these are not as dangerous as raccoons and rodents, their personality scares most of us. We have often heard of Dracula stories related to bats and maybe the perception doesn’t let us get along with bats, especially their sound. It is perfectly ok, we all deserve to live in a peaceful environment and anything causing disturbance in your property needs to look after.

Fortunately, companies like Capital Wildlife bat removal are the best solutions. Moreover, bats deserve to live with peace in the wilderness too. Sadly, we have taken most of the land for our survival. Thus, relocating them to a much deserving place is the best thing to do.

7 tried and tested tips to get rid of bats from your house:

  1. Shut the entry points: Bats are known to squeeze in tiny spaces. Identify those tiny spots and close the points.
  2. Invite greenery: Invite greenery in your house. Bats have very sharp sensory cells. They can smell objects easily. Peppermint, phenol, cinnamon, and eucalyptus can make them leave your place without causing you any harm. They cannot stand the smell.
  3. Install a bat house: Another way to get rid of bats from your house is by installing a bat house on the trees close to your house. That way, you are not offending them and being cruel to their survival either.
  4. Seek support: If you notice many bats roaming around your house constantly or frequently, it could be a sign of infestation. You must immediately report it to a professional wildlife control agency and seek solution to get rid of the situation.
  5. Use lights: Lights make it difficult for bats to be a hero of the action scene. They love to lurk around when it is dark and so installing garden or yard lights can help prevent their entry.
  6. Sound device: Make use of sound machines. An ultrasonic sound scares the bats away and they will not dare see your house again. As discussed, they little mammals have great sensory power and they cannot bear with the frequencies of the sound.
  7. Clean the area: Clean your area and your house well to get rid of bats smell. It will help you to prevent future entries of bats.

Capital Wildlife bat removal is one of the easiest and safest solutions that can save you money, efforts, and time.