How To Clean Your Watch In 7 Easy Steps?

When you hear ‘time,’ the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is a watch. Watches are one of the best sources to give you the exact time anywhere in the world. Some people like watches, collect different brands, admire them like jewelry, and care about them like a baby. Everything needs maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Cleaning your watches is one of the most critical and crucial work because of the small and expensive design, which makes this process difficult. Many people need to learn how they can clean their precious watches. So do not worry because if you are wondering how to clean watches (วิธีทำความสะอาดนาฬิกา, which is the term in Thai), you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will talk about the same.

7 Easy Steps To Clean Your Watch

There are several steps to clean your watches, but today we will talk about some easy steps that everyone can follow, as mentioned below:

  • The first thing in cleaning a look is that you have the correct knowledge regarding your watch, which type of cleaning is done dry or with the help of water or any other kind.
  • The first step is to remove the watch’s strap, whether it is a bracelet watch, a leather belt watch, or any different kind.
  • After removing the strap, take a soft cloth to wipe out the dust and dirt stuck to the watch’s outer layer.
  • You can take a small tub with lukewarm water or a soapy solution, and you can dip the watch in the water or take a small soft brush or a soft cloth and dip it in the water and rub the watch softly. This helps in cleaning the dirt stuck inside the watch.
  • After washing with soapy water, you can dip your watch in room-temperature water to clean the soapy solution from the watch and the dirt.
  • After removing the watch from the water, use a soft fiber cloth to sink all the water from the watch and leave it for a while to dry.
  • When the watch is dry and working correctly, you can apply some spray to the cloth and wipe the watch with the fabric to give it a shiny and newly bought look to the watch.

Wrapping Up!

If you have any queries regarding cleaning your watch, this article is just meant for you. Just go through it, and we assure you that this will significantly help you.