What Email Verification Is and Its Importance


When you get an email, you should verify that it is legitimate and likely to lead you to a genuine person (or, at the very least, a legitimate email account belonging to a company). A “health” score, determined by taking into account many characteristics such as the email’s age, duration of inactivity, role-based nature, and validity, is often provided by email checkers.

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According to research, almost 60% of consumers purposefully gave false information to a company about their email address at least once. To be honest, this probably won’t surprise anyone. Although this is frequently more the result of inadvertent mistakes than deliberate actions, even 10% of emails provided during the checkout process are incorrect.

Unfortunately, even though you can watch which addresses aren’t opening your emails, it’s difficult to determine which users are phony and which are simply waiting for a compelling subject line to engage them to authenticate emails.


Unchecked email lists may have a startlingly rapid negative effect on your marketing and sales teams. Email verification can assist prevent this from happening for a few reasons.

It Destroys Your Email Data: It’s quite likely that you’re not receiving accurate data if your email list isn’t being verified. Your data hygiene suffers when you don’t have a clean list. It becomes difficult to pinpoint the precise success of your campaigns, which makes it practically hard to adjust them for future improvements in performance.

 Unvalidated lists might affect your PPC campaigns if you use Facebook Ads to target bespoke audiences based on your customer lists. Your campaign may not reach as many people as you think it will, even while low-quality emails won’t stop your higher-quality prospects from seeing the advertisement.

Your Sales Team May Get Sidetracked: Your sales staff will contact you when fresh leads come in. The funnel operates in this manner. Furthermore, while lead grading might help them narrow down who to target first, they will ultimately contact everyone, and a lead may still appear qualified despite having a poor email.

It May Increase Marketing Expenses: Email marketing is often a very efficient, low-cost, and high-return platform. However, your expenditures increase and your return on investment decreases the more you look at a vast, poorly kept email list. While email programs are quite cheap per user, most have tiers of pricing according to how many subscribers you wish to keep in the database.

It May Affect Your Deliverability: Your deliverability rates will be impacted by bogus and subpar emails. You should expect low deliverability and high email bounce rates if the emails aren’t getting sent because the email addresses are invalid.


Obtain your complete client list immediately and use our verification tool to get started. You can choose how to proceed with verification after your overall list is in the correct place. Some companies would rather do checks every few months or after large campaigns, run lists of new leads.